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Zolpidem 10 mg

Product: ZOLPIDEM 
Manufacturer: Mylan
Quantity: 10 mg/tablet
Pack: 20 tablets

Steroid cycle: Sleeping pills

Active substance: Zolpidemi tartras

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1. What Zolpidem Mylan is and what it is used for

Zolpidem Mylan contains zolpidem, which belongs to a group of medicines called hypnotics. Zolpidem Mylan tablets are sleep medications that cause drowsiness through the effect on the brain.

This medicine can be used in adults for short-term treatment of insomnia, which is severe, crippling or causing major discomfort to the patient. Insomnia is a sleep problem or bad sleep.

Second What you need to know before you take Zolpidem Mylan

Do not take Zolpidem Mylan

- if you are allergic to zolpidemium tartrate or any of the other ingredients of this medicine (listed in section 6). An allergic reaction may include rash, itching, difficulty in breathing, or swelling of the face, lips, throat, or tongue.

- if you have severe liver problems

- if you have sleep apnea (a condition where your breathing stops for a very short time during sleep)

- if you have severe muscle weakness (myasthenia gravis)

- if you have sudden and / or severe breathing difficulties

Warnings and precautions

Contact your doctor or pharmacist before taking Zolpidem Mylan:

- if you are elderly or weak. If you get up at night, be careful. Zolpidem Mylan may cause your muscles to relax. This may increase the risk of falling and consequently hip fracture.

- if you have kidney or liver problems.

- if you have had breathing problems in the past. Your breathing may become weaker while taking Zolpidem Mylan.

- if you have a history of mental illness, anxiety or mental illness. Zolpidem may reveal or aggravate symptoms.

- if you have or have suffered from depression in the past (feeling sad).

- if you are over-consuming or have over-consumed alcohol or drugs in the past, or have been prone to excessive consumption. The risk of being dependent on Zolpidem Mylan (physical or mental effects caused by the urge to take the medicine) is higher in these patients, increasing with dose and duration of treatment.

Children and adolescents

Zolpidem Mylan should not be used in children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

Other warnings

- General - Before you receive this medicine, your doctor will assess your sleep problems to make sure they are not caused by any disease. If this medicine does not help you after 7 - 14 days of use, talk to your doctor because it may be something else that causes insomnia, and this needs to be investigated.

- Tolerance - if after a few weeks you notice that the tablets do not have the same effect as at the start of treatment, contact your doctor. Dosage adjustment may be necessary.

- Dependence - There is a risk of dependence when using this type of medicine, which increases with dose and duration of treatment. The risk is greater if you have previously over-consumed alcohol or drugs.

- Discontinuation of treatment - treatment should be discontinued gradually. Short-term syndrome may occur when discontinuing treatment, with symptoms that lead to treatment with Zolpidem Mylan reappearing more strongly. This may be accompanied by other reactions, including mood swings, anxiety and restlessness.

- Loss of memory (amnesia) - Zolpidem Mylan may cause memory loss. To reduce this risk, it is necessary to provide the possibility of an 8 hour uninterrupted sleep.

- Psychological and "paradoxical" reactions - Zolpidem Mylan can cause behavioral disorders such as restlessness, agitation, irritability, aggression, delusions (false ideas), fury, nightmares, hallucinations (seeing, hearing or feeling things that are not real) , psychosis (loss of contact with reality, inability to think and have clear judgment), inappropriate behavior and increased insomnia.

- Sickness and other related behaviors - Zolpidem Mylan can cause people to do things they do not remember when they are asleep. These include sleepwalking, driving while sleeping, preparing and consuming food, making phone calls or having sex (sex). Alcohol and some medicines used to treat depression or anxiety or taking Zolpidem Mylan at doses above the maximum recommended dose may increase the risk of these side effects. If you get any of these, tell your doctor immediately. Your doctor may advise you to stop treatment.

- Psychomotor disorders the next day (see also "Driving and operating machines")

The day after taking Zolpidem Mylan, the risk of worsening psychomotor skills, including impaired driving ability, may increase if:

• take the medicine less than 8 hours before attention-taking activity

• take a dose higher than the recommended dose

• take zolpidem while you are taking other central nervous system depressants or other medicines that increase zolpidem levels in the blood or when you drink alcohol or take illicit drugs.

Take the dose once just before going to bed.

Do not take another dose during the same night.

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