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Manufacturer: Pfizer
Substance: Cabergolin
Strength: 20 Tabs, 2 mcg/tab

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Cabser 2mg is the best prolactin controlling drug for both men and women.


The Cabaser 2mg is considered the best product to treat the high level of prolactin hormones in the body. This product of Anabolic Pharma is available in tablet form and each pack of this product contains 20 tablets.

Product key benefits:

This product is basically used to treat the increased level of prolactin hormone in the human body and is safe to use by both men and women. The key benefits of this product are like to control the increased prolactin hormone, to treat the sexual disability in men, to make the pregnancy better and this is also used to increase the strength and endurance and is mostly used by bodybuilders and athletes.

Effects of the product:

Increased prolactin level in women can be the cause of unwanted increased breast milk, missed and painful periods and difficulty in pregnancy. This product will help to treat all these symptoms in women especially. Increased level of prolactin in men may be the cause of increased breasts and sexual disability and the Cabser 2mg is the best to treat these types of health issues as well. The main function of this product is to block the release of the prolactin from the pituitary gland which in result will help your body to reduce the prolactin level and to stop its production. Another main feature of this product is that this product is considered the best to treat the Parkinson’s disease. This is the disease of brain which affects the movement. The Cabaser 2mg is used to treat this problem as well.

Daily dose and directions to use:

This product should be taken according to the prescription of your doctor who will prescribe you the best suitable daily dose according to your current health condition. Mostly, this product is started with a smaller dose and gradually doctors suggest you to take increased dose with the passage of time and according to your tolerability. In general, the average dose of this product is taken as one tablet twice a week after any meal and with water. It is suggested to drink plenty of water during the course of this product.


Take the advice of your doctor before using this product if you are already a patient of diseases like high blood pressure, liver and kidney problems, heart valve problems, abnormal scarring and any lungs problem. You need to show your reports to the doctor then he will tell you that whether or not you can use this product.

Possible side effects:

This product is a powerful medicine and it should not be take without the consent of the doctor and one should not take more dose than the prescription otherwise he or she may face some serious side effects like increased heart beat, dizziness, light headness, disturbed stomach, nausea, vomiting, constipation and increased blood pressure. Take the medication according to the prescription and there are rare chances of occurring the side effects mentioned above.

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