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Etrenatrex 250, Concentrex 10 ML [250mg/1ml]

CategoryBuy Injectable Steroids
Active SubstanceTrenbolone Enanthate
Active Life8 days
Average Dose300-600 mg/weekly

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Concentrex Laboratories N.V. 3758
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Etrenatrex 250, Concentrex 10 ML [250mg/1ml] | Trenbolone enanthate


This product is sold under the brand name among the other such drugs. This product has androgenic and anabolic effects and is used in veterinary practice. This product is used to increase muscle growth in live stock animals. This product is administered in the form of injections into the muscles of the animal. This product is also used among the bodybuilders for increased muscle growth and for the increased strength of the body.

Uses related to that product

This product is great importance among veterinary practice as wells among the bodybuilders few of its uses is mentioned below:

  • In its effectiveness, this product is considered 5 times more effective than the other drugs.
  • Mostly bodybuilders used that product to increase the muscle mass and also for the better strength to prepare themselves for the competitions.
  • This product doesn’t make estrogenic metabolites and thus has no estrogenic side effects related issues.
  • This product is also used for the treatment of the wasting syndrome
  • Androgen deficiency
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Anemia
  • Used in the fat loss
  • Bulking procedure
  • Lean muscles gain

Side effects related to that product

The intake of the product should be according to the recommendation of the doctor in this way the user will get the best results but when the intake of the dosage is increased for better results it may lead to fatal results. Side effects related to that product include, acne, oily skin, scalp hair loss, in severe cases, it may lead to the hepatotoxicity (liver damage), water retention, excessive hair growth.

Dosage related to that product

When someone thinks about its intake they must consult with the doctor about its dosage and must tell about your medical history. The amount which is recommended varies among individuals and depends upon the purpose of its use like either it is being used for the medical purpose or for the bodybuilding purpose and also depends upon the user as the user is male, female or children and upon their tolerance ability.

Precautions related to that product

While you are thinking about to start the intake of that product consults with your doctor and told about your medical history. Tell him or her about your medical-related issues in the past or present as well as about the allergies you have maybe this product have the allergen as its inactive component and could be very harmful for the user. This product is not recommended during pregnancy as its use leads to defects in the infants, this product has very harmful side effects if it uses not according to the prescription of the doctor. Mothers who feed their babies should avoid the intake of that product as it could be injurious for the infant’s health. This product is not recommended for the children so they must keep away from children.

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