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OxaTREX 5mg 100 Tabs by Concentrex


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Concentrex Laboratories N.V. 3764
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OxaTREX 5mg 100 Tabs by Concentrex | Oxandrolone


This product is available in the market by its brand name Anavar. Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroidal drug and is involved in the anabolic processes into the body. This product is involved in the anabolic processes like the rapid recovery of the body muscles and weight gain, involved in the protein catabolism, for the rapid recovery of the body burns and other related anabolic functions. This product was first introduced into the market in 1994 and was approved for the medicine used in 1996. This product is used in most of the countries for the increased better performance of the users (bodybuilders). This product is FDA approved.

Uses related to that product

This product is used for the treatment of the bone pain, osteoporosis, for the rapid weight gain, surgery, and physical trauma, to treat the chronic infections and to treat the bodyweight loss related problems, also used to treat the severe burns of the body and for their rapid recovery, this product is surprisingly also involved into the treatment of the anemia hereditary angioedema and alcoholic hepatitis and in the treatment of the hypogonadism.

This product is also involved in the girls for the treatment of the turner syndrome and for the treatment of the short stature in the children.

This product is used by the bodybuilders for the better growth of the body muscle mass and better performance, as this product has more anabolic effects than the androgenic effects. The use of this product is prescribed to both males and females but the dosage varies for both of them according to their tolerance ability.

Side effects related to that product

The use of this product by the females may lead to virilization and the deepening of the voice, menstrual cycle-related problems, hair loss like in males, clitoral enlargement.

This product is also involved in the disrupted growth in children and reduces their adulthood height. This is the main reason that the doses prescribed to the females and children are very minute in amount and their side effects are monitored regularly.

Like other androgen products this product is also involved in the acne, water retention in the body, prolonged ejection, increased desire for the sex, aggressiveness, in males this may also be involved in infertility.


When someone thinks about its intake they must consult with the doctor about its dosage and must tell about your medical history. The amount which is recommended varies among individuals and depends upon the purpose of its use like either it is being used for the medical purpose or for the bodybuilding purpose and also depends upon the user as the user is male, female or children and upon their tolerance ability.


The most important thing to notice is the amount of dosage intake, the amount must be according to the recommendation and should not exceed. Overdosage may lead to the side effects lead hepatotoxicity and in severe cases, it may lead to the breathing problem. In such a situation immediately contact your doctor.

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