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ClenTREX 25mg® 100tabs


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Concentrex Laboratories N.V. 3767
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ClenTREX 25mg® 100tabs | Clenbuterol hydrochloride


This product is mostly used to treat breathing-related disorders and it acts as the bronchodilator. The people who suffer from breathing disorders use this product to make breathing easier. Most commonly it is available as the hydrochloric salt form.

Uses related to that product

This product is used to treat the problems related to breathing:

  • This product acts as the bronchodilator in case of asthma. This product is designed as it acts as the agonist of the beta-2 receptors. This product has structural similarities with epinephrine and salbutamol but in comparison, its effects are more long-lasting than the epinephrine and the other one.
  • This product acts as the smooth muscle relaxant as it acts as the bronchodilator.
  • This product is also used in livestock animals to treat breathing-related problems.

Side effects related to that product

This product is of great importance but its use may lead to nervousness and high blood pressure and may lead to problems in understanding situations. If the user is facing severe problems then they must consult their doctor for the situation handling. The doctor will understand the situation and will recommend the required supplement or change the drug or the eating habit depends upon the situation. In severe condition it may leads to the

  • Headache
  • Nervousness
  • Shaking of the body
  • High blood pressure
  • Abdominal swelling
  • As its use is linked with the increased delivery of the blood oxygen, its use could be the cause of increased heart size which eventually leads to heart attack and death.

Working of that product

This product acts as the bronchodilator this product basically has two functions which include the thinning of the blood and the widening of the blood vessels. The widening of the blood vessels leads to increased blood flow and the oxygen caring capacity. Thin blood reduces blood pressure. Hence this product is basically involved in the increased delivery of the blood oxygen.

Precautions related to the product

This product is of great importance and has very few side effects but of the patient feels severe condition due to its use then they must consult the doctor for better results. The product must be used only when it is needed and not randomly used.

Dosage related to that product

Athletes and bodybuilders who use that product used that product at regular intervals as prescribed by their physicians. Their dosage is like they intake that drug for two days and after that 2 days without any dosage and then next week intake of the drug and after that one week not any uptake of the drug.

The administration route of that product varies it may be oral or the intravenous and the amount of its intake depends upon the individual tolerance ability and the situation of the user in comparison.

Administration b both means could be injurious to health as the injection may lead to the formation of the bubble into the blood vessel and the tablet may lead to liver damage. Normally recommended dosage is between 0.2-0.4 mg per day.

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