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HGH Riptropin 20 IU

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What is hgh growth hormone?

HGH growth hormones can be used to increase your muscle mass and muscle strength while reducing your fat percentage. HGH growth hormone scores very high when it comes to increasing muscle strength and at the same time reducing body fat. In addition, the growth hormones are very suitable to increase your weight in muscle mass. With HGH growth hormones you hardly lose any muscle mass. At steroids-info you can order the best HGH growth hormones!

Difference HGH growth hormones and anabolics

HGH is able to provide more muscle cells regardless of your genetic predisposition. This means that even users who do not quickly create new muscle cells can still expect a growth of muscle cells. This is not the case with steroids where your genetic predisposition does play a role. In addition, HGH growth hormones, like no other, have a long-term effect on the build-up of muscle mass. In the short term, HGH will ensure rapid breakdown of body fat and improvement of your skin. These results are not or hardly visible at steroids. That is why it can be very attractive for many athletes to use growth hormones instead of steroids.


Operation of HGH growth hormones


Your body naturally produces growth hormones. The production of these hormones occurs during the first 2 hours of your deep sleep. Your body is so accustomed to resting when HGH growth hormones are produced. It is therefore wise to go to bed after you have used HGH. Resting promotes the growth of muscles.

Supplied (exogenous) HGH works after 2 hours and stays active in your body for about 4 hours.


Your dosage of HGH growth hormones depends on whether you are a beginner or already have experience with HGH. In general, a high dose of HGH is not required to achieve excellent results. Often 6 IU is enough. The advice for beginners is 3 to 6 IU per day. If you belong to the advanced and want to participate in competitions, you can choose between 8 and 16 IU per day.

Important advantages HGH

- It stimulates the production of new muscle cells (hyperplasia).
- Your libido is being increased.
- Provides smoother and tighter skin.
- Promotes the burning of fat.
- Increases muscle mass and muscle strength considerably.
- Provides rejuvenation of the cells
- Improves the immune system
- Improves your eyesight and concentration.
- Strengthens the bones
- Lower cholesterol
- Provides better blood pressure.

Combine HGH with steroids or insulin

You can combine HGH with steroids or insulin over time. In both cases, however, you must first have completed a period in which you only used HGH before you start combining.

Combination with anabolics
If you use HGH you make more muscle cells. For more results you can choose to also enlarge these new muscle cells. An advantage that steroids have over HGH is that steroids provide an increase in your muscle cells. This is also called hypertrophy. It is best to go to the HGH cycle after a period in which you have only used HGH. In this case, add some testosterone and deca after a month so that you can develop the new cells more. You can also use variants of testosterone or deca.

Combination with insulin
Making a combination with HGH and insulin is not recommended for beginners. This combination brings many risks with it. Only start if you are an experienced user and really know what you are doing. If you use the combination well, your results can improve by 50%.

Offer RoHSpharmacy HGH

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