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For better growth of thyroxin hormone in the body, L-Thyroxin 100 Henning 100 pieces is the best choice




L-Thyroxin Henning 100 is a medicine that contains the thyroid hormone levothyroxine as an active ingredient. This has the same effect as the naturally produced hormone. It is widely used to replace missing thyroid hormone and to relieve your thyroid. To get the best and long-lasting impact, one must consider consulting their doctor. This product should only be used with the consent of your physician or doctor. 


Benefits and effects of the product:


  • It is considered the best product to replace the missing hormone in any form of hypothyroidism in the body. In a situation when the body lacks the natural production of thyroxin hormone, this product reacts with the human body and help it to produce the missing hormone.
  • It is also the best product to prevent renewed goiter formation, which means it will be helpful in enlargement of the thyroid gland after goiter surgery with normal thyroid function.
  • Most people with thyroxin deficiency can use this product for the therapy of benign goiter with normal thyroid function.
  • This product can be used for concomitant therapy of an overactive thyroid, which is treated with anti-thyroid drugs. These drugs inhibit the overactive thyroid after the normal metabolic state has been reached.
  • in the case of malignant thyroid tumors, especially after surgery, this product is used to suppress renewed tumor growth and to supplement missing thyroid hormone.
  • To increase the total growth of the thyroxin in the body and to examine the thyroid function or thyroid suppression test, try using this product.
  • L-Thyroxin Henning 100 is not suitable to achieve weight loss.
  • If your blood levels of thyroid hormones are normal, taking extra thyroid hormones will not cause weight loss.


Daily dose and directions to use:


  • In the elderly, the daily dosage must be taken with proper care and prescription. 
  • Older adults should avoid using this product if they are suffering from any heart disease. Routine medical check-ups are also recommended for older adults while using this product.
  • The average dose for normal individuals is one tablet a day. One must ask about the perfect dose as per their current health condition.
  • It is strongly recommended to take the daily dose with the prescription of the doctor.
  • Pregnant women or going to be pregnant women should not take this medication. If your body is not making a sufficient amount of the thyroxin and you are going to be pregnant, then ask your doctors before using this product. 
  • Breast-feeding mothers should consult their doctors as to whether it will be suitable to use this product or not as this product may carry some substances that can affect the health of the child. 


Side effects:


Adding thyroid hormones or increasing the dose without medical advice can cause severe or even life-threatening side effects, especially when combined with specific weight loss drugs.


  • Insomnia
  • Palpitations
  • Increased or abnormal sweating
  • Hot flashes
  • Headache
  • Nervousness


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