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Tri-Trenabol 150 British Dragon (150 mg/ml) 10 ml

Product: Tri-Trenabol 150
Manufacturer: British Dragon
Quantity: 150 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: cutting, bulking

Active substance: Trenbolone Enanthate, Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

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Tri-Trenabol 150 British Dragon (150 mg / ml) 10 ml

This medication is a mixture of esters of trenbolone themselves, who have a powerful anabolic properties. In bodybuilding won fame effective means to build muscle.


Trenbolone acetate represents a tri-trenabol 150 powerful and strong mass builder 19-nor steroid. This trenbolone mix is structurally similar to nandrolone, with the difference that is a much powerful androgen and its estrogenic activity is much lower than one nandrolone. This is also stronger than testosterone. This steroid is considered to be the drug that most binds tightly to the androgen receptor. This steroid basically helps to promote red blood cell production and also promotes or increases the rate of glycogen restoration. This is observed that this steroid also increases nitrogen retention in the muscle tissues. All of these props are useful and beneficial for muscle gain, strength, and hardness.

Benefits related to its use:


  • It has many benefits and most important is that it is five times more effective and stronger than testosterone.
  • Trenbolone acetate doesn’t cause any fluid retention in the body while gaining muscle mass.
  • Trenbolone doesn’t convert to estrogenic metabolites.
  • Extreme muscle growth and cell splitting compared is facilitated through the Trenbolone acetate.
  • It has also the ability to increase red blood cell count. This allows for muscle endurance and therefore promotes faster recovery.
  • Trenbolone acetates contribute to feeding efficiency; every nutrient in the body becomes a lot more valuable.
  • The non-aromatizing nature of Trenbolone acetates makes it a very efficient fat burning agent.
  • Almost all the bodybuilders and weight lifters use this steroid, particularly when preparing for the upcoming competition.
  • In some medical uses, it is used to treat types of anemia androgen deficiency, wasting syndrome and muscle atrophy.



The course can consist of the drug in the form of a single or in combination with many other steroids. By the time that it takes around 6 weeks.

Mix very serious trenbolone and strong anabolic, capable of causing substantial harm to the body of the trained athlete. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before use.

The steroid produces a significant suppression of natural testosterone levels.

In this regard, it has developed and introduced a compulsory course after the course of therapy. It runs mainly with the use of drugs such as Clomid, Toremifene. The use of tamoxifen tested in this case is not recommended. This is exactly the case when the biochemical characteristics of drugs in this case, is not desirable to mix and match. Otherwise, a significant increase of the possible side effects of progestin.

In the course of drying of the drug can be made completely safe with a known steroids such as Winstrol and Anavar.

If the rate of the drug involves a set of muscle mass, you can combine with testosterone enanthate, and at the same time to achieve good results.


Depending on the athlete, the dose of the drug on the course is of 300 to 400 mg. increase that it should not be, as in this case, the positive results will not increase, but it will be strongly increase the risk and the likelihood of side effects.

During the media reception once the course of therapy, the dose is around 500 mg per week.

As in solo during the course, and while the combination with other drugs, as well as the step once the course of therapy is very important to constantly monitor the State of non-stop health and well-being, and in the case of side effects symptoms seek medical advice.

The side effects

The most common side effects during the course of the preparation are shown as insomnia, problems with blood pressure, increased aggression and agitation, acne, loss of hair on the head and body, excess of excess fat from the skin, sweat.

It is also a possible manifestation of low libido, erection, testicular atrophy, inhibition of its own natural testosterone production.

Most of these side effects are treated with gonadotropin and cabergoline. Also in order to prevent side effects, do not exceed the dose of the medication.

The drug has toxic effects on the human kidney, which of course is considered in the context of a very good competitive advantage from steroids.

It is also subject to moderate and optimal dose, they found no toxic effects on the liver.

Please note that there are several products, whose combination can dramatically increase the risk of side effects and symptoms. These are drugs like ephedrine and clenbuterol. The combination of them is not desirable for athletes of all ages and categories, without exception.


The athletes say very high anabolic effect of the drug. It is manifested in the increase of muscle mass, total body tone, increase training in motivation.

In addition, athletes who take the medication were able to achieve a significant reduction in recovery time after prolonged workouts. Therefore, the drug is perfect range of professional athletes, for which a very important point is to restore the health of the body between the workouts or competitions.

In addition, subject to the implementation of all the recommendations, the drug may not have any side effect or they may occur, but to one lesser extent, so they are not difficult to remove with the help of tools used during the course of post-cycle therapy.


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