Tri - Trenbolone 200 Elite Pharm 200 mg/ml (10 ml)

Product: Tri - Trenbolone 200
Manufacture: Elite Pharm
Quantity: 200mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Trenbolone enanthate, Trenbolone acetate, Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

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Tri - Trenbolone 200 Elite Pharm 200 mg/ml (10 ml)

Trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate - 80 mg / ml;
Trenbolone Acetate - 60 mg / ml;
Trenbolone enanthate - 60 mg / ml.

Tri-Tren 200 made the active chemical substance begins to act on the athlete quickly and continued for a long time, i.e., eliminating the lack of very frequent injections trenbolone separate acetate, as well as inclusion in the long-term work and hexahydrobenzylcarbonate trenbolone enanthate trenbolone.

Tri - Trenbolone 200 has three different active ingredients and the only difference in the duration of action of an athlete, briefly write about each of the tri-Train 200 existing substances:

1) trenbolone acetate has the shorter half-life, and therefore when the drug is used only athletes daily injections of 75 mg., A daily or 100 mg. Also in the case of orally, for example, Paratabs.

2) trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate has a longer half-life, the drug works for about two weeks. The preparation is used once every 7-10 days at a dose of about 300 mg.

3) trenbolone enanthate for me so it does not differ from that of a previous active ingredient, the drug acts 7-10 days. The preparation is used once every 7-10 days at a dose of about 300 mg.

200 Tri-Rail injection as counterfeiting, since the drug is quite expensive. Forgery or cheaper contain testosterone, and most likely with a low concentration, or just oil.

Tri-Tren 200 nandrolone derivative even though the properties are very different from him because Nandrolone in the body is weakened enough dihydro nandrolone, i.e., almost adrogenen and Tri-Tren 200 instead of a potent androgen. Tri-Rail 200 is different from other products so that practically does not aromatize, because of this, Tri-Tren 200 (Tritrena) not related side effects flavoring.

Tri course train

Tri-Rail 200 is the strongest anabolic steroids, testosterone, and great oksimetalona. Tri-Rail 200 may be the only steroid in the course. Although the course is much better than combining it with other drugs or to build the course of the testosterone, such as testosterone on muscle mass increases more because Tri-Tren 200 not aromatize. Tri-Trenbolone 200 combines perfectly with any anabolic steroid, and testosterone. Since the Tri-Train 200 will not aromatize, no water accumulates, respectively, in bodybuilding that is used to combine performances, usually with Masteron or stanozolol.

Pharmacology of that product:

  • Pharmacodynamics of that product:

The effects of tri-trenbolone are both androgenic and anabolic. After administration, it gets metabolized and its effects include the uptake of ammonium ion into the cells due to which the synthesis rate for the proteins gets increased. Including that effect its intake also includes the decrease in the rate of catabolism and increased the anabolism and thus in tern increases the intake of food, however, the rate of catabolism and anabolism gets normal after you left the intake of that drug. The study on rats has shown that trenbolone use may cause the gene expression of the androgen receptors and is as potent as dihydrotestosterone. These results of its use have shown that it is the cause of the increase of the male sex characteristics without any potent androgen into the body. If we talk about the potency of trenbolone then its potency is five times more as compared to the testosterone. Trenbolone has the   high binding ability with progesterone receptors.

  • Pharmacokinetics:

For the increased half-life of that product, it is administered in the form of the prodrug and is released very slowly into the body and performs its functions. Its active form is trenbolone and it is eliminated from the body in the form of conjugates as urine. These conjugates of that drug can be hydrolyzed only by the enzyme beta-glucuronidase. This enzyme is involved in the release of the trenbolone release from the body as the sulfates. In short, that drug is too good in use in accordance with its metabolic and physiological perspective of that drug.

Tri - Trenbolone 200 secondary defects

Increased pressure, aggressiveness, acne, decreased the amount of hair on the head: When tri train 200 is used, the following side effects may occur. Of course, all these tri Trenbolone side effects appear to the predisposition of the athlete, the most common of which is acne, but as you realize after a course that fades. A side-effect of trenbolone Is precisely the impact on the functional training. When the problems of correct doses that will not. Usually, the side effects, among them under the functional layout, are produced which leads to friction in too high a dose.

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