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Oxymetholone Tribulum Elite Pharm 50mg/100 tab.

Product: Oxymetholone Tribulum
Manufacture: Elite Pharm
Quantity: 50mg/tablets
Pack: 100 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Oxymetholone

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Oxymetholone Tribulum Elite Pharm 50 mg / 100 tab

Oxymetholone - this is one of the most popular steroids anabolic on the market today. It was released in the early 60-s of the last century.

Originally used for medical purposes - to stimulate muscle growth in patients weakened and malnourished, treatment of anemia and osteoporosis.


This drug has many positive effects, thanks to the ability of the anabolic to increase the synthesis of collagen in the joints and ligaments, which has a positive effect on supporting and strengthening the functioning of the human-machine.



Before using this drug, you must know that it is very adverse effects on the liver so only use this when it is very necessary. A person having diabetes should not use the oral steroids, the too reduces the sensitivity of the body to insulin.

Oxymetholone course

The course of the drug is recommended only for adult athletes, who have no health problems. Before starting to undergo a medical examination to identify potential health concerns.

The best course of taking the drug is 4 weeks for beginners and athletes, up to 6 weeks for professional athletes.

Increasing the frequency or dose of the drug does not lead to an increase in performance, but rather will result in a greater likelihood of adverse side effects.

As for how to take Anadrol in combination with other steroids, their use in combination is not recommended with 17-alpha alkylated steroids. Given the rapid anabolic effect, oxymetholone is good for a quick start: its effects can be felt almost immediately after ingestion. By hiring powerful drugs often used with trenbolone, boldenone, and Primobolan, to increase power performance - with testosterone esters and stanozolol suspension (but this latter mixture is quite dangerous for the laces, and in the wrong reception and exceeded the allowable loads can cause damage or even break). Oxymetholone is also often used by bodybuilders before competitions directly because it gives the muscles of fullness.
Mechanism of action:

This drug is the derivative of testosterone. The effect of this product on vertebrates and humans occurs by way of two main mechanisms; either by the activation of the androgen receptor directly or by the conversion to estradiol so the activation of certain estrogen receptors. Free testosterone which is T is transported into the cytoplasm of the target area or cells, where it can bind to the androgen receptor, or can be reduced to 5 alpha- dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by the cytoplasm enzyme 5 alpha-reductase. DHT binds to the same receptor of androgen even more tightly or strongly than T, so that it is androgenic potency is approximately 2.5 times that of T. The T-receptor or DHT-receptor complex undergoes a change which is a structural change that allows it to move into the cell nucleus and bind directly to the right and specific nucleotide sequences of the chromosomal DNA. The areas of binding are known as HREs. And it also influences the transcriptional activates of certain genes, which produce the androgenic effects.

Oxymetholone dose

The optimal drug dosing is considered to be about 50 mg per day of drug.

The critical dose considered 100 mg per day, and some athletes who train extended period of time, sufficient to accept this dose experience.

However, it remembers that this is a trait of a last dose of the drug, and if you go to this framework can be a high likelihood of side effects and its magnitude.

Beginners, as well as athletes that restore the body after injury or long-term care and after operations, should be limited to taking the drug at the level of 50 mg per day.

Oxymetholone side effects

As in the case of using other anabolic steroids can cause side effects.

The most common side effects gynecomastia, fluid accumulation in the body, swelling manifest.

Its structure is a derivative of a form of drug dihydrotestosterone and therefore shows no progestogenic effects.

For some athletes due to their physiological characteristics of the organism, there may be unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, possible deterioration of appetite.

Compared to most other anabolic steroids, is a drug to a lesser extent reduces the level of endogenous testosterone.

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