Stanozolol Confortare Elite Pharm (10mg/100 tab.)

Product: Stanozolol Confortare
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Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Stanozolol

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Stanozolol Confortare Elite Pharm (10 mg / 100 tab)

Stanozolol - one of the most known and accessible to drugs today. With a long and rich history, which has a large number of changes and improvements are the most popular and important of modern bodybuilding drugs.

It promotes the growth and development of the male sex organs as well as maintaining secondary sex characteristics. Higher doses promote muscle mass and strength and increasing the production of erythropoietin and subsequent increase in red blood cell production. In addition, they may cause the growth of facial and body hair, baldness, and increased sex drive and aggression.



Toxicity from anabolic steroids is a result of their androgenic and anabolic processes but they are very useful for the professional players and athletes. This is the best medicine for the athletes to get better results for their better workout and body stamina.



As these substances are often used in a clandestine manner, it is difficult to know how commonly anabolic steroids are used. However, it is known that they have been used by professional athletes, adolescents playing sports, as well as older people for (anti-aging) properties. Acute overdose is extremely rare

Stanozolol Course

In order to achieve maximum effect and minimal side effects, the average rate of the drug is for beginners approximately 4 weeks, for experienced and professional bodybuilders is up to 6 weeks.

The drug can be taken as "solo" and also combined with the rate of other steroids.

Many professional athletes use the second option of taking the drug, as in this case, the rate is significantly increased efficiency, faster recovery of body and minimizes the potential negative manifestations such as side effects.

First, the drug can be combined perfectly with all complex today is known sports nutrition. Gathered with nutrients and minerals containing these complexes, the drug begins to act comprehensively.

In addition to sports nutrition, medication also goes well with many other steroids.

The most commonly used are testosterone, Dianabol, Anadrol.

After a course of the drug that is needed is a condition after a course of therapy. It is carried out mainly with the aim of bringing the maximum residues of the drug from the body, put it on a new course, prepare and consolidate the results of the reception.

The famous American bodybuilder, holder of the title "Mr. Olympia" Shawn Ray recommends in his book during step after a course of therapy with the use of drugs such as Nolvadex, Clomid, special diet. He also said that you can use a non-aromatizing androgen trenbolone drug before the event or during a fat burning diet with the drug.

Distribution by route of exposure:

The anabolic steroids are highly protein-bound and carried in plasma by a specific protein called sex-hormone binding protein globulin.


Advantages of using this stanozolol substance:

These anabolic steroids are compounds that increase muscle mass. They include natural androgens such as testosterone as well as synthetic androgens such as stanozolol and nandrolone. They are available in tablets and injections. Athletes get full-body energy from these medications that help them in their strength.


Treatment with stanozolol drug:

Beside the use of athletes, it also uses to treat the aplastic anemia which is or may be responsive to anabolic androgens. They also use in certain countries to counteract catabolic states, for example after major trauma.

Stanozolol dose

Optimally the selected dose of the drug is considered to be 30 to 50 mg daily.

Representatives of athletics, sprinters, and athletes participating in combat sports use a lower dose - about 10 milligrams per day.

After 2-3 days after the end of the drug, you needed to start the beginning of the post-cycle therapy.

It should be noted that many experienced athletes recommend the use of stanozolol only in combination with testosterone. This approach reduces the risk of side effects, in particular, significantly reduces the likelihood of adverse effects on the joints: testosterone retains fluid in the body without giving dehydrated joint capsule.

Stanozolol side effects

An important feature of the drug is not converted into estrogen, and therefore is not capable of causing the athlete gynecomastia.

However, there may be side effects such as increased blood pressure, headache, increased cholesterol levels, myocardial hypertrophy - in the case of a significant excess of optimal doses of the drug.

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