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LGD-4033 X2 (LIGANDROL SARM) - 10 MG, 100 TAB


LGD-4033 X2 (LIGANDROL SARM) - 10 MG, 100 TAB

Product: LGD-4033 X2 (LIGANDROL SARM) - 10 MG, 100 TAB
Quantity: 10 MG

Pack: 100 TAB

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Ligandrol (LGD-4033) is a tissue selective non-steroidal SARM (Selective androgen receptor modulator). It works by binding to the androgen receptor and mechanism of action is quite similar to anabolic steroids but it is considered much safer than those and highly appreciated by body builders, sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts because of extremely selective nature. It only promotes anabolic activity in specific muscles without affecting other sebaceous glands (tiny exocrine glands in skin), prostate and liver.


Ligandrol is prevalent in the field of body building because it has some great benefits to offer;

-It promotes increase in muscle tissue and appropriate weight gain such as it does not put on 15-20 lbs. weight in a short period of time rather prefers to increase 1.5-2 lbs. in a single week followed by an exceptional increase in lean muscle tissue in a specific prescribed duration of the cycle.

-LGD-4033 is crucial to bodybuilders because of its anti-Catabolic property. It helps in fat loss thereby providing lean muscle mass. Additionally, it has to offer some great benefits related to reduced muscle collapse between the workout periods.

-If you want to do weightlifting and training for a long time without getting fatigued, then LGD-4033 is a decent selection for you because of its stamina increasing ability.

LGD-4033 X2 (LIGANDROL)- Dosage and duration of the course

  • The half-life is ligandrol is quite long of about 24-36 hours. Therefore, it does not require frequent intakes.
  • The standard dosage ranges from 3-10 mg/day
  • Men should take 10 mg/day and duration should be 8-12 weeks.
  • Women are advised to take the half of this dosage i-e (5 mg/day)
  • The standard duration of the medication course is almost 6-12 weeks and improvements are usually manifested in the second week.
  • For bodybuilders and athletes, the recommended dosage during cutting phase is 3-5 mg/day continued for 8 weeks

LGD-4033 X2 (LIGANDROL)- Drug combinations and dosages

  • The standard dosage for bulking cycle is 7-10 mg/day continued for 8 weeks combined with 25 mg/day of Nutrobal (MK677).
  • After the course of 2 months, Clomid (25 mg/day) and HCGenerate ES (5 tablets / day) should be used for 4 weeks.
  • During Recomposition phase, Ligandrol (10 mg/day) should be combined with 20 mg/day of Cardarine or Endurabol for the duration of 8 weeks.
  • After the course, a mild post cycle therapy with Clomid and HCGenerate ES should be done for one month.

LGD-4033 X2 (LIGANDROL)- Clinical Applications/ Treatment)

  • LGD-4033 was initially developed to deal with the patients of muscle atrophy as it has extremely good healing properties similar to testosterone with improved safety due to its tissue specificity.
  • Scientific research have reported that LGD-4033 has shown considerable improvements in cancer cachexia
  • It is well-identified in medical research for its ability to cure softening of bones and tendons and increasing the formation of new bone in reaction to an injury.
  • It has shown curing effects in case of sacropenia and muscular dystrophy as well.

LGD-4033 X2 (LIGANDROL) - Side effects

No serious and severe side effects are reported for this medication but overdose can cause onset of these mild signs;

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Hair loss
  • Sweating and fatigue

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